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The main Church building is a wooden ex-army barrack room that was being disposed of from the Farnborough Airfield site when it was being redeveloped and enlarged in 1923. It was erected by Christian volunteer labour working on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The picture shows the original congregation.


The rear Sunday school room was purchased for £50 and added in 1954. Over these many years the building has been the home Church for many Christians who have faithfully served our Lord. However due to its age the structure is coming to the end of its useful life, and needs replacing with a modern building.

It was decided, as a principle, that no one would receive a salary and after expenditure on basic maintenance all offerings would go to Christian missions in various countries.

We would be grateful for your prayers for the finances to fund such a project similar to the design drawing shown, enabling us to continue to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for many more years.